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Hey people call me Emet. I love being in nature, I love helping. I love learning new things and man oh man am I digging this trip! I'm pretty damn obsessed with trees, bees and that ocean breeze.

Share a story, share a dream, share a moment if you got some time for me, My minds on the moon, My body's in the now, my path is right here and I'm getting there some way some how, The Journey is the Destination, love and music will be our salvation. Who have you hugged today?
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Nick Meyer | AltHealthWORKS

Even as the United States government continues to push for the use of more chemically-intensive and corporate-dominated farming methods such as GMOs and monoculture-based crops, the United Nations is once against sounding the alarm about the urgent need to return to (and develop) a more sustainable, natural and organic system.

That was the key point of a new publication from the UN Commission on Trade and Development (UNCTAD) titled“Trade and Environment Review 2013: Wake Up Before It’s Too Late,” which included contributions from more than 60 experts around the world.

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Jameson Siudut Sandblasted Marbles

What in holy fucking hell.

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Parked for the night

want in my life….

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Who wants to play

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It really doesn’t matter how big or how small they are, all cats are fucking adorable morons.

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A climbing plant peels off a brick building, in an effect reminiscent of a snake shedding a layer of skin

holy shit, i have never seen this happen before. Whoah

This is crazy, and also sad.

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untitled by n.states on Flickr.

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More progress from one of this morning’s drawing experiments.
Charcoal, ink on paper.